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I have signed up for every adult dating site that I can find and I have yet to find a totally FREE site. They all let you register for free or make a profile for free, but every one of them make you pay to play. ALL FALSE ADVERTISING.

Why isnt there a truly FREE site for consenting Adults? The prostitution and sex eploitation of minors can be filtered out. In todays world of technology there is no excuse.

A totally FREE site can be created that takes little or no human oversight except in the programming of the site.

Lets create such a site. Contact me at and we will pool together and make it happen...unless you just like paying to be around and associate with people just like tourself. I know I don't!

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Lickiliscious Tina
Lickiliscious Tina Chatham, England, United Kingdom #289648

SLURP.I like big women.

Tina is tops.Call her for jumbo tantric fun.

Titilating Tina and Co.
Titilating Tina and Co. Chatham, England, United Kingdom #288964

Wow! What a great source of intersting men! Keep calling. I have fun friends too. We love to travel; "adventure" is all our middle names. Let's try something new.

Tina: 916-532-7295: I will "hula" your world.

PAULA PETTIT: 916-749-9858: real personal nursing.

CALL ME: TINA "HUGE HULA" MINA Chatham, England, United Kingdom #283698

Tina "Amazing" Minasian

home: 1765 Woodhaven Cir Roseville, CA 95747

business: 5098 Foothills Blvd. #3-190

Roseville, CA 95747

916-532-7295 Office

916-244-0851 Fax

Always personal; always confidential

Troy #228548

I have tried about all the real dating sites there are, and NOT a single one of them works.The most I have gotten on those free sites is just 1 date, but have NEVER been able to get a 2nd date from that same person no matter how hard I tried.

Some of the other sites, they either never answer their e-mails or you get many scammers trying to get you to mail/wire/send money or whatever.

You shouldn't have to sell your body to find love either.Not to mention the possibility of contracting AIDS, e.t.c., any premartial sex DOES eventually lead you to Hades, a terrible price to pay.[since the big catch is that God only intended an intimate activity only for marriage] I really feel for all you people out there that cannot form bonding relationships that last, for one reason or another.

Joshua #73176

well, theres

but everyone on there is rather unnattractive....probly cuz its real lol

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